World of Warcraft

I play World of Warcraft mostly for the story and I also Roleplay on the Argent Dawn EU server. I only have Alliance characters that I am active on and I like to write stories about my characters and their adventures as well as make art of them using WoW Model Viewer and Blender 3D.

On this page you can find links to my characters, stories and art related to WoW.

Characters and story NPC’s

I have a number of characters as well as some Non player characters that I use for the stories I am creating on the Argent Dawn server. My characters are the avatars I use for RP and the NPC’s are not existing characters that are there for background and story purposes.

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During campaigns or in between stories and RP I sometimes like to write bits and pieces for my character. This can be a diary entry, or a story of something that happened to my character off screen or it can be a flashback of something that happened in the past.

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I am learning to make renders using Blender 3D software and WoW Model Viewer and I absolutely love doing this. Right now I’m mostly making art of my own characters or characters of friends but I’d like to also start doing commissions for other people in the near future.

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