In my eyes everyone is unique. We are all beautiful in our own way and not one person is the same as another person. This is what makes the world such a special place and it’s exciting as well. I can’t wait to get to know other people and discover just how unique they are.

I want to feature members of the Feelii’s Cove community on my site, so I started with myself. When someone gets featured I will make a blog about them. In this blog you can get to know this person a bit better through a short interview that I have asked them to fill out and any other things they wanted me to add to the blog post.

Would you like to be featured as well? Please contact me to discuss this further.

Mermaid Shorts

I love creating these small around 1 minute video’s of mermaids of the Moonlight Mermaids pod or that come swim with us. Below I will be linking the Mermaid Shorts playlist so you can easily watch all of them.

If you are a mermaid in the Netherlands and want to have your own Mermaid short featured on our YouTube Channel, feel free to contact me so we can set up a swim for you with the Moonlight Mermaids. I’ll bring my camera!