Commissions and Art Trades

  • Lilly in Val'Sharah
    Lilly in Val'Sharah


Currently I can do commission for World of Warcraft using WMV WoW models. I can also use Sims4 clothes and hair for commissions.

I am working on my own model for Eonil and when it’s ready I will offer to use it for commissions as well.

Please check out my commissions page for more information on the commissions:

I also offer NSFW options and I have separated any adult content into it’s own page for commissions:
NSFW Commissions

Commissions Open poster with commission prices

Available Slots and Queue

My commissions are currently open

Slots open 2 of 3

1: Naarod
2: –open–
3: –open–

Art trades

I am open for art trades as long as you don’t mind things moving a bit slower.

I would love to have some more art to visualize Eonil but I only have so much time and inspiration for characters. If you are interested in creating art for Eonil, feel free to contact me.


Contact can be done through discord: Suraia#6757(preferred), Deviantart or twitter