Around the year 85 BFE Invasion of Quintra’s Onslaught
In the year 54 BFE The Gods of the New Faith arrived on Eonil
In the year 11 BFE Ahn’Ghor was created by Deirah after her father Zimtalor died in a fight against the most powerful Ghor minion they had encountered yet.
Thyr Garandar Thoron 0 The first day of the Fifth Era
In the year 4 The war of the Island breaks out
Amber Qastaii Thoron 9 The Peace signed and formed the Xaverion Islands
Twill Brea Myalanna 12 Equarra’s College of Magic was founded
Vic Arilya Ysandra 14 The rise of the Sirens
Esmay Qastaii Thoron 22 Present Day