The war of the islands

After the end of the age of darkness there were some islands that were nearly totally destroyed. With the start of the fifth Era the new gods were suddenly silent and a shift in power on the islands began to take place. Some races claimed they had the right to control these islands because it was their efforts in the war against darkness that led to victory. In the years after that the conflict swiftly spread across nearly all the islands and somewhere in the year 4 the conflict escalated and all-out war broke out on the islands. Every island seemed to be fair game to try and conquer and even though the churches of the New Faiths were against this war they couldn’t really stop it. This war became known as the war of the islands. The priests and paladins of the New Faiths tried to stay out of the war as much as possible while trying to promote peace talks between the races. They retreated to the landing of the gods islands and defended it, letting in refugees that were fleeing the war as much as they could.Eventually a small island just west of the landing on the gods was taken by a group of knights. They claimed the island to be neutral territory and made a pact with the New Faiths. The popularity of this alliance quickly started to gain sympathy from many people and islands. The war of the islands had taken a toll on the whole nation of islands and leaders who swiftly started losing the support of their subjects were ready to meet on the landing of the gods island to discuss peace. The knights who had taken the small island near the landing of the gods played a vital role on this peace treaty, especially their leader Xaveri. Xaveri was assassinated on the second season of the peace talks. This was the real turning point that lead to peace. The Xaverion order was formed when the peace treaty of the nation of Islands was signed on Amberday in the cycle of Qastaii on the season of Thoron in the year 9. From that day the nation of island officially called themselves the Xaverion Islands in honor of the fallen leader of the Knights.