The universe

The star system Eonil is part of seems to have only four known celestial bodies until the fifth era. Four additional planets were discovered at that point, yet they don’t orbit the sun at all. Instead they seem to be a key point in a certain star sign. Someone with knowledge of the star signs can identify the four planets easily and point them out for others.

In the center of the star system is Quintra which is often referred to as the sun. According to history the old gods created and were banished to the celestial bodies and so they are named after them. Following the exact same orbit of Eonil around Quintra is Denday. Denday is sometimes referred to as the blue moon because it gives off a soft blue glow. It’s not an actual moon, but since Eonil rotates around its own axis which is perfectly aligned with both celestial bodies, Quintra provides light during the day and Denday provides a soft blue hue during the night.
Eonil also has an actual moon which is called Ghor. Like Denday Ghor also has a soft glow. Ghor’s glow is bright to dark red. Ghor is therefore also referred to as the red moon or the blood moon.

Legend whisper that all three gods still have influence on Eonil since they are trying to find a way to undo the banishment and return to Eonil. They all still have followers, cults and sometimes minions doing their bidding. All followers of the old gods, even the gentle followers of Quintra, are hunted down by the new faiths because as far as they are concerned it’s blasphemy.

Later, with the arrival of the new faiths four more planets were added to the star system. These planets were said to not move at all and instead while Eonil circled Quintra the planets which are a certain point in a star sign would become visible, equally dividing an Eonil year into four sections, which was the time it took for Eonil to make a full circle around Quintra.

The Eonil Universe