The third era, the age of light

The defeat of the night dwellers marked the beginning of the third era, the age of light. Soon there was peace on Eonil again and under Quintra’s watchful eye Eonil flourished and prospered further. But the light can never shine brightly without the darkness. Even though the blue moon Denday still shone during the night, the power Quintra had over the beings who lived on Eonil seemed to crumble. She declared peace with the night dwellers who were still left, if only they would convert to her rule. But they refused and remained loyal to Denday. She even tried to bless them with her light, but they didn’t want anything to do with that.

Denday’s absence seemed to eat away at Quintra. Even though Denday’s influence was limited she still blessed her night dwellers and it diminished the followers of the light’s faith in their goddess. The gentle goddess was naïve and her own guilt drove her to desperately seek the forgiveness from Denday through her followers. She was so blinded by this that she didn’t realize she was being tricked until it was too late.

Quintra had ordered her own followers to stand down and not follow her when she was invited to discuss a way to move on from what had happened by a group of loyal followers of Denday and night dwellers. She didn’t realize it was a trap and that night Quintra was tricked into revealing how a god could be banished from Eonil. It didn’t take them very long to recreate this and the followers of Denday banished Quintra from Eonil and forced her back to her own planet like she had done to her sister.

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