The secret cave

‘Put her down here, my love.’ Thrisha ran her hand sensually across the half open shirt of the big man. He simply dumped the girl on the ground and let his hand slide down her waist to her butt, squeezing it softly and pulling her closer to him.

‘Patience, patience.’ She chuckled and her lips curled into a smile before he rather impatiently and passionately pressed his lips to hers and kissed her.

‘You promised me when we got on the boat. You said you’d give yourself to me if I brought the girl where you wanted her. And now you say patience… have you any idea what you are doing to me woman?’ He looked down at Thrisha, holding her chin in his hands, forcing her to look back at him: ‘I tire off your games.’

‘There… there,’ she replied with a soft voice as she playfully stroked his dark hair.

‘I’ll just put this one where she belongs and then I’m all yours.’ she says, pointing at the tied up girl on the floor:  ‘You can do me wherever, however and how long you want, promise.’

The man nodded and hesitantly let go of her: ‘If you are lying to me woman, then I’ll take you and the girl, wherever, however and as long as I want.’

Thrisha chuckled, turning and kneeling in front of the girl. She checked if the bindings were still holding around the girl’s ankles and wrists before softly caressing her cheek and sliding her fingers over the blindfold. The girl stirred and strained slightly against her bonds. Her face tensed up.

‘Do you hear that, child, best behave now.’ Thrisha said with another chuckle.

‘I’m not a child!’ The girl snapped back, scowling.

Thrisha chuckled and ran her hands along the ginger hair of the girl before softly stroking her shoulder: ‘Of course you aren’t dear.’

She took a moment to study her face which is all covered with dirt and bruises: ‘We all know about you and Grov…’

She got up again and returned her focus to the man: ‘I think she could use a bath, don’t you? She’s so dirty.’

She gestured to the water in the cave before walking to one of the torches on the wall and pulling it down a bit. The metal squeaked as an iron fence in the water started to rise.

The man smirked and eyed the girl for a moment: ‘With, or without clothes?’

Thrisha sighed in return: ‘With clothes love, she’s a real pain in the butt. I’d rather not untie her.’

He nods and closed in on the girl. Thrisha watched as she squirms around, attempting to get away from him. Her screams echoed around the cave as he grabbed her ankle and hauled her towards the water carelessly, ignoring any abrasions. The girls dress pressed against the stone, sliding up, revealing the bare skin beneath it. The man unashamedly and remorselessly enjoyed the view, Thrisha just chuckled. The girl slit into the water, gasping and struggling to keep her head above the water.

‘If she drowns I’ll make sure you will never enjoy that view again.’ Thrisha stated as she looked at the man, her eyes cold. She took off her gloves and threw them onto the ground. After that she began to loosen her dress seductively: ‘It’s so hot in here…’

The man looked up as the dress fell to the ground and quickly grabbed the girls hair, pulling her head above the water to be met with gasps for breath. Thrisha kicked off her boots and walked to the water, making sure her every move accentuated the curves of her now naked body. The man’s jaw almost dropped to the ground, met by her smiling sweetly at him.

‘All you have to do is put the girl in there and make sure she’s comfortable… Well, as comfortable as she can be that is, and when you get back I’ll be waiting for you here.’ said Thrisha, sliding down into the water and teasingly splashing some his way.

The man dove down under the water, taking an underwater door through to the other room in the cave, dragging the girl behind him by her hair. In return she screams loudly and struggles against him, as best as the ropes allowed.

Thrisha smiled, she liked the girl very much. She had spirit, she was determined, not to mention that Thrisha had a thing for gingers. She was stubborn too, it was always more fun to break the stubborn ones, the reward was bigger.

The man came back shortly afterwards. He had already kicked off his boots somewhere along the way and had already begun unbuckling his belt hastily as he rushed towards her. She crawled out of the water and lay back on the rock, spreading her legs in an almost innocent and accidental way. He crawled after her and grabbed her knees, pulling her legs even further apart as he spoke: ‘Time for games is over.’

She enjoyed it, the man was passionate and rough, just the way she liked it. He was far too busy with her body to see the vines rising on both sides of them. She wrapped herself around him and grinned as the vines slithered and grew. One bound itself around his feet, two around his wrists, one around his waist and the last one wrapped itself tightly around his throat.

The man, so rudely interrupted from his pleasure, growled fiercely as he was lifted from Thrisha and from the ground. He struggled helplessly, turning his gaze on the half elf woman in front of him: ‘What are you doing?’

Thrisha softly caressed his exposed chest before pressing her lips to his and kissing him: ‘I’m satisfied, so I have not further use of you.’

She looked at him coldly as the vines started wrapping themselves around the man more tightly. His screams of pain and terror cut short as the vine around his neck strangled him. She turned to walk past him and swam to the other room in the cave. A final, gurgled scream rang out as Thrisha crawled onto the bearskin rug. More vines appeared and gently wrapped themselves around the body of the girl to guide her to Thrisha, who gently stroked her hair.

Thrisha looked to the blindfolded face of the girl. She could feel the tension in her young body. If it wasn’t for the ropes that bound her and the blindfold she would probably have tried to work her magics on Thrisha.

‘Calm down sweetheart.’ Thrisha said to her, stroking her face: ‘If I wanted you dead you would have been dead already.’

The girl turned her head a little. ‘What do you want from me?’

Thrisha gently placed a finger on the girls lips. ‘Hush now dear. It’s just the two of us now. That man isn’t going to lay a finger on you. Let’s talk…’

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