The rise of the sirens

On Vicday in the cycle of Arilya on the season of Ysandra in the year 14 there was devastating disaster on a small island city at the coast of Meriquy where the entire city was swallowed by the sea overnight. There were no survivors and everyone was caught by surprise. Two days later Xaverion investigators with the help of the Wanderers League were investigating what happened when they discovered foul play. This was not a natural disaster at all but rather a deliberate attack on the city. The next day some ships were gathered to investigate the sea around Meriquy and the ships were attacked by sirens and other creatures of the water. Only one ship made it back, all the others sank.

It became clear that there was a new threat that had arisen. The waters were no longer safe for the inhabitants of the Xaverion Islands. From that moment on the Seafarers Accords was turned into a real navy force, quickly recruiting as many ships as they could to try and push back the Siren threat before it got out of hand. To this very day the seas are the territory of Ghor and attacks from the water in the harbors of cities often happen.