The old faiths

The first three faiths are considered to be old or dead religions.

In the beginning there was only chaos. The first god’s name was Ghor. The first faith was that of chaos. According to legend he was defeated by the twin sister goddesses Quintra and Denday. They represented light and darkness. They couldn’t live with each other but also couldn’t live without each other for there was no light without darkness and there was no darkness without light.

The old gods couldn’t be killed. They could only be banished from Eonil which means that it’s common knowledge that these three gods aren’t actually truly dead. Because Quintra and Denday lived in constant conflict their followers waged constant wars against each other.

Eonil herself is also said to have been a goddess that was turned into the planet by Ghor. But Eonil didn’t have an organized religion of her own. At least not one commonly known on the Xaverion Islands. It is widely believed that she blessed mystical creatures with powers to protect the wildlands in the same way that Ghor, Quintra and Denday seemed to be able to influence and bless beings on Eonil.

All four gods still have followers till this day. They are not commonly known however because they either keep their religion a secret, or they are part of hidden societies or cults.