The fourth era, the age of darkness

Ghor, Quintra and Denday are no longer on Eonil to force their rule. With the absence of our gods for the first time in history of our planet we are completely free to do what want ourselves.
As a high priest of Quintra I can still feel her presence, though it’s a whisper compared to what it was. Yet she still blesses me with her gifts. If only they were as powerful as they were when she still walked among us. Then we might have been able to drive the night dwellers from our shores for good.”

The fourth era is known as the age of darkness. This is one of the few references I have found that survived until now. Not much documents remain from this time since most of it has been destroyed in the great war that started when the night dwellers banished Quintra from Eonil. There is enough proof to suggest that followers still claim to receive blessings from their gods and thus they kept their faith.

The war between light and darkness had destroyed nearly everything from the small bits and pieces of info I’ve managed to gather. But it wasn’t just that. With Quintra and Denday gone, their blessings weakened and this left everyone more vulnerable to attacks from Ghor’s minions. Maybe a god or goddess powers are only as strong as the number of followers they truly have. Now that the gods no longer wander the surface of Eonil their power and influence seems to be fading even further, maybe it’s because their subjects started losing faith in their fallen gods.It were dark times and everyone seemed to be slaughtering everyone. It is unknown exactly how long the age or darkness lasted. But so much has been destroyed and lost then, including any evidence of how much time past during this dark period.

Quintra’s Onslaught

The arrival of the new gods

The battle of Qinthar’s keep


Garandar the dwarf was killed in the battle against the frost giant in Lokta’Mar in the Gondrey Peaks, turning the once flourishing lands into a frozen wasteland. It is said that Garandar and the other fallen soldiers are still somewhere in the frozen lake because they were never able to retrieve their bodies.

Qastaii halfling spellcaster, abonai

Milimi gnome warrior was killed on Tonkor defending the last gnome settlement.

Riuma the desert god

Zimtalor human mage was killed on Naquart

Arilya was killed fighting the giant centipede named Ossar which formed the Ossar Crater in Tanea.

The burning of Castle Blinkstar

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