The arrival of the New gods

It was during this time of war and chaos that the four new gods Thoron, Myalanna, Envylon and Ysandra were first mentioned. They travelled to Eonil in our great time of need and started fighting the darkness together. They knew that divided they wouldn’t be able to bring peace to Eonil and bring an end to the age of darkness. So they made a pact to work together. It is said that these gods first arrived on the island now known as the landing of the gods.

They all had their own faith and started gathering followers of their own swiftly. Their first followers were Thyr, Luna, Bohr and Amber who became the first priests. Twill, Gondo, Vic and Esmay who became the first paladins. Lohn and Mavee who were a ranger and skilled knight and Aktor and Li, two powerful wielders of magic. They became known as the first Ghor hunters. Thoron, Myalanna, Envylon and Ysandra appointed the first priests and paladins to lead their churches and armies that gathered around them. But they made it clear that they would not tolerate any battles against each other. On the landing of the gods island they started building their grand temples. In the middle they build a large gathering ground where they coordinated any joined ventures from.

Thoron, Myalanna, Envylon and Ysandra declared themselves the gods of the new faiths and declared that Ghor, Denday and Quintra were dead, dismissing any evidence of people claiming to be blessed by them. A god who didn’t walk the surface of Eonil wasn’t able to bless its inhabitants they said. Creatures of Ghor were simply remnants of the past and a decease that still spread amongst the wildlife like a plague. The religions of Ghor, Denday and Quintra were old religions and anyone following them were heretics in their eyes. Any powers they may claim to have is just the clever use of the magic that naturally flows through Eonil. Anyone could convert to one of the new faiths and denounce the old faiths, or face death.