Suraia Silverbell

Suraia Silverbell

Outward Appearance

Suraia has long, wavy red hair and bright blue eyes. Her innocent looking face makes her look much younger then she actually is.
Her body is slender and she’s average height, nothing that stands out to much.
She seems to be a bit on the skinny side like she’s not eating enough.
There seems to be a natural grace in all her movements but it’s only really noticeable if you pay close attention to her. Yet most of the times she blends into the crowds and goes around mostly unnoticed.

Not much is known about Suraia at all. She seems to be the kind of wallflower that blends into the crowd. Like a person who is mostly invisible or someone that is very good at keeping attention away from herself.

Suraia seems to be very shy and timid. When she does talk she seems to always have an uncertain way of speaking, which gives the impression that she’s stuttering. Her voice is soft and everything about her is the complete opposite of assertive.



When Suraia was just a child both her parents got killed by the scourge when they attacked their small village. Her brothers decided to join the Scarlet Crusade and took their young sister with them to the Scarlet monastery. There she grew up and began her training as a holy priest as well as a botanist and alchemist. Suraia herself however didn’t really agree with the Scarlet teachings but since she was still young they tried to ‘discipline’ her into obedience. They quickly pushed her pretty hard and as a result she would from time to time lash out with void magic she didn’t really control at all, which only made things worse for her.

When she reached adolescence she fell for a handsome Scarlet huntsman and for a while everything went smoothly. She completed her training and was even well on her way to become a high priestess. But then her love got killed in what they claimed to be an ambush on one of his missions outside of the monastery. Suraia however suspected he might have been killed off by the men in his team for some reason and she tried to flee from the monastery. Sadly she was caught in the woods surrounding the monastery.

By this time the Scarlets were already suffering heavy losses and turmoil within their ranks and so they ‘gave’ Suraia to a cruel torturer who kept her in the basement. He used her as a tool for his ‘information extraction’ of the prisoners.

The fall of the Scarlet Monastery

Suraia felt like a prisoner in the place she grew up in but this didn’t last very long. The last days of the Scarlet Crusade were near and when the monastery fell her captor took her and what remained of a group of Scarlets and fled into the woods to ‘regroup and rebuilt’. They wandered Silverpine forest and the Plaguelands for a while. Being attacked constantly by Horde and Alliance alike took a toll on the group and their numbers diminished quickly until there was just a small group left.

When there was yet another attack by an Alliance party Suraia took a gamble and flat out refused to aid or heal any of the remaining Scarlets. This didn’t go unnoticed by the Alliance group and because they were missing a healer they spared her life if she would heal their wounds. This Alliance group was wandering the Plaguelands killing off Scourge, Horde and Scarlets where they could find them. Eventually the group split and one men offered that she could go with him. After a couple of nights wandering the border of the Plaguelands and Silverpine he tried to force himself onto her and Suraia barely managed to grab hold of a rock and started bashing it against his head until he’d stop. Without meaning too she had killed the man. Nearly freaking out Suraia took the man’s cloak, used it to tie the rock onto his body the best she could and then dragged the man away until she’s found a ravine with a river at the bottom and threw the man down.

She then stole some clothes that were too big for her from a farm and buried her scarlet armor and staff somewhere in the Plaguelands. Suraia spend some time wandering the Plaguelands, stealing food and being extremely lucky not to get killed.

Having killed a man and now having to steal clothes and food just to survive started to eat at Suraia so much that gradually her light magic seemed to start failing her. It was getting more and more difficult for her to heal the wounds she got. Suraia became convinced that she was no longer worthy to wield Light magic because of all the evil she had done.

A new start

Eventually Suraia found herself trying to steal food from some crates on the road to Hearthglen when she was almost caught by an Argent Dawn paladin. But the man took pity on her and offered her food instead. She was terrified of him, convinced he would kill her or drag her off to the dreaded church of the Holy Light to be burned as a heretic if he would find out she was a Scarlet. She felt she had to hide this from him not get killed. His name was Thomas and he offered to safely escort her to Stormwind. He even welcomed her into his home and shortly after that she fell in love with him.

Eventually she confessed to him that she was from the Scarlet monastery and he didn’t seem to mind and said that many Scarlet defectors joined the Argent Crusade. Not long after that he proposed to her and she got pregnant with his child. But before the child was born Tirion Fordring died at the Broken shore and though clearly conflicted Thomas answered the call to arms and left Suraia never to return.

Thomas is dead

The end of Legion

The death of Thomas took a huge toll on Suraia who was now completely convinced she was cursed as well as unworthy to wield Light magic. Her pregnancy was a hard one and she nearly lost the child during birth. Abigail was born but Suraia was still very much struggling. It was only due to Thomas his sister and father that she and the baby survived the first few month of Abigail’s life.

Knowing that she needed to try and get on with her life Suraia reluctantly accepted a job as the shop assistant in the Alchemy Needs shop. Because she still lived in fear for being accused to be a scarlet heretic and burned alive she left Abigail with her aunt while she herself started living in a room above the Alchemy shop. In time she would be working for the Alleyback Coppers for a while until she was approached by the mage Elliana Oathkeeper who introduced her to a wealthy Noble man by the name of Lord Elijah Marius Galahan. He took the both of them in his employment. Together they bought a large farmhouse in the outskirts of Stormwind where Suraia was planning on setting up a new botanical garden for herbs and other medicinal plants.

The burning of Teldrassil

Elle had disappeared and when Suraia got a hint that the mage had possibly been spotted on Kalimdor she set off to try and find her friend only to be caught up by the Horde.


Eventually she was rescued by a group of Night elves and brought to Darnassus to recover. Days later the tree was burned and Suraia fled to Darkshore with a group of Night elves and Gilneans. They were rescued days later and brought back to Stormwind. She opened up her house for the refugees and they started using her gardens to grow much needed food and herbs.

Suraia tried to set up a team to help in her efforts to make Azeroth saver but Lord Galahan had other plans. After she got captured by pirates and the team did free her he send her away to do some charity work and without her knowledge dismissed the team. He turned her Farmhouse into the Silverbell Medical and Refugee Center. When she came back he told her that her entire team had abandoned her and that he too, regrettably, needed to leave for a while and didn’t know when he would return.

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