The old faiths

The first three faiths are considered to be old or dead religions.

In the beginning there was only chaos. The first god’s name was Ghor. The first faith was that of chaos. According to legend he was defeated by the twin sister goddesses Quintra and Denday. They represented light and darkness. They couldn’t live with each other but also couldn’t live without each other for there was no light without darkness and there was no darkness without light.

Followers of Eonil

Eonil herself is also said to have been a goddess that was turned into the planet by Ghor. But Eonil didn’t have an organized religion of her own. At least not one commonly known on the Xaverion Islands. It is widely believed that she blessed mystical creatures with powers to protect the wildlands in the same way that Ghor, Quintra and Denday seemed to be able to influence and bless beings on Eonil.

All four gods still have followers till this day. They are not commonly known however because they either keep their religion a secret, or they are part of hidden societies or cults.

The new faiths

To bring an end to the age of darkness four new faiths emerged. Each faith had their own values and teachings of their gods to follow. The gods of the new Faith are known as the silent gods for they only speak through the highest of ranks from their followers, or so the highest ranking members say. Since they gave the power back to the inhabitants of Eonil at the end of the age of darkness, these gods have never again in recorded history actually revealed themselves in person. There are still many who claim to have been granted a sign from the gods, or that their god came to them one way or another, but they are unable to give any actual proof that this really happened. This is why there are those who have come to question the actual existence of these gods.

Thoron Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Myalanna Everything is set and will play out the way it was meant to.

Envylon The pure of blood have the right to rule. The privileged ones to serve them.

Ysandra Use and learn what you can to help each other.

The 8th faith Some people claim there to be an “eight faith” called cause and consequence.


The spirit world

It is common knowledge that when a person dies his or her spirit lives on. Spirit seem to exist on Eonil and can be summoned back to appear in ‘the land of the living’ by witches. The popular and leading theory is that spirits live in a place called the spirit world.

It is common knowledge however that there are two versions of the Spirit world, Jin’til and Vek’til. Many people believe that both words might be from the divine language, roughly translating into the upper world and the underworld.