About me

Hey hey,

Suraia's World as well as Feelii's Cove are initiatives started by me (Suraia). I am just a woman on the autistic spectrum who has a passion for anything fantasy and I'd love to share that with the world. But more then that I like equality and empowerment and where I can I would love to show the internet a larger variety of people. Not all of us are extroverted 'normal' people. We come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Introverted, extroverted, neurotypical, neuro a-typical and we are all awesome!

This site is specifically meant for those of us who love fantasy stuff related to roleplaying. So Gaming, D&D and all that sort of things.

There are many professionals in these area's and they do an awesome job at not only raising awareness around these hobbies which are mostly still seen as odd, but also showing the worlds that there is nothing wrong with any of this and that it's in fact awesome and a lot of fun. Still I feel like only a certain type of person is featured and gets attention. There in fact are many more of us out there and I would love to see more diversity showcased on the internet.

I might not be an extroverted and bubbly person, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't try. And that is exactly what I'm doing, despite everything I'm trying.


I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when I was already a grown up woman and I had to ask myself to be diagnosed after my brother was diagnosed who also had to ask that himself. Autism is not an illness, it's a variation in people who see things from a different perspective because their brain processes information in a different way then people who aren't on the spectrum do.

I am a real life mermaid, larper and a novice cosplayer. I am a wife and mother of two young children and two dogs.

I am an 3d artist using blender for character modeling to create my own avatars for virtual reality. I am a VR enthusiast owning a Quest 2 at this moment. I play VRChat every now and then, but I am mostly just there to make VR models. I am also working on my own VTuber avatar when I have time.