3d models

  • Bellydancer VRChat model

As a 3d Artist I have started making my own models. Since my interest lies in the virtual realms I’ve been focusing in on creating a virtual alter ego for the last year finally landing on wanting to create 3d models for VR applications and VTuber models.

I am very proud to announce that my first VRChat model is nearly finished and ready to be offered for sale on my Gumroad page.

To create the 3d model I am using Blender and to turn the model into a VR model or a VRM I have started learning Unity. This mostly due to the fact that the largest social VR application: VRChat is made with Unity. In the future I also want to try out Unreal and see which software I like better to create and offer my models with.

I hope to be able to offer commission for creating 3d models for Virtual Avatars and VTubers soon too. When I do not have commissions I plan to work on my own idea’s for models that I can then offer up on Gumroad for people who like them.

BellyDancer model preview

A preview of my Bellydancer VRChat model.