Eonil is a fantasy themed setting which I use to create many stories and characters. It is basically an RPG setting as well that I'm working on every now and then, but at this moment I use it more as a setting to write stories to enrich the lore and I want to start making art for it in the form of renders when I get better with Blender 3D.

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Art Links

I have created a portfolio on Art Station where I post only my best work as portfolio pieces. The art of my Art Station page all use the model I have made myself and I am continuing to develop at this moment:
Suraia on Art Station

I also have a page on Deviantart. I post more renders there that I have created for World of Warcraft as well. Some renders there might contain nudity. And they do not necessarily have to be made using my own model:
My Deviantart Page

World of Warcraft

I'm an RPer on World of Warcraft. I have several characters and NPC's on the european server or Argent Dawn. I like to make art and stories for my characters and this section of the site will be all about that. I will also show other renders I made for friends and future commissions.

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To support myself on the work that I am doing as a 3d Artist I have created a Patreon page. I mainly use it to showcase Eonil and what I am working on with models that I made myself. If you wish to support me on my 3d artist journey please consider becoming my Patron.

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Hey everyone,

Small update from me, we are back home and now it’s time to try and slowly get back into the normal routine again. I need some time to get things in the house up and running again with two kids still on summer vacation though.

Soon I hope to get activity started!

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